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With Documentation version: 3.0

Online Registration & CD are below.

"When" has features that allow, but don't require, you to organize your messages
into categories of Projects, Contacts, Objects, and Tasks.

When a message comes due, it will play a sound file that you have selected.
You can use any .wav or .MP3 sound file for each message event. A sound
file can also be attached to a chime that will sound every hour and half hour.

You can select how many minutes the chime will sound in advance of the hour and half hour.

The Contacts category has a database for addresses and phone numbers.
You can enter as many phone numbers as you want for each Contact, which
is a Company or Person, and label the Phone numbers appropriately,
like Home, Cell, Joe in Sales, Work Cell. Then you can also have
"When" dial the phone for you. It uses your Modem to dial the phone.
There is also a Phone call timer and you have immediate access to type in
notes while you're on the phone.

And, once you have put some addresses in you can create the start of a letter
in the Windows Clipboard by finding a Contact and clicking
the "Letter" button. The "Letter" button makes the letter
the same way a person would. If you have entered something in the
NameForEnvelope or NameForLetter boxes, it will use what you put there,
otherwise it will use the person's Title, and First and Last Names

There is also "Mail Merge" to print a batch of envelopes using a
"Mail Merge" compatible word processor.

And, each message can have a dollar amount with it, and with the "Find"
feature you can get totals for any category or any combination of
categories within any range of dates.

Free to run 1,000 times. $30 registration

Purchase a "When" Installation CD ROM
$8.95 + shipping + tax for CA residents


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